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Christmastime at Notre Dame

There’s nothing like Christmastime at Notre Dame. The excitement for the holidays is tangible post-Thanksgiving break, as dorms light up as part of Christmas decoration contests; the Dining Hall staff goes above and beyond in providing the perfect dining ambiance; and the first big snow leads to the infamous campus-wide snowball fight. If you close your eyes for a second, you truly feel as if you are in a winter wonderland.

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Discovering the Spirit of the Fighting Irish

The day was November 3, 2012 a memorable occasion that would be forever engrained in the memory of those who watched the football game between the Notre Dame fighting Irish and the Pittsburgh Panthers. This game silenced all those who had underestimated the fighting spirit of the Irish. Read More

It is all about hope

As I was serving breakfast to our guests, I overheard a man talking to one of my friends. I am not sure what the circumstances were that brought him there that day, but despite his joblessness and homelessness, this man was bubbling over with hope. I heard him speak of this new part time job he got at a local shop, and how he truly believed this gift from God was the start of a new phase of life for him, one in which he would work as hard as he could to be able to contribute to his community to the best of his abilities. “It is amazing to see what the Good Lord places in our paths when we least expect it!” he announced with joy. Read More

The Enchanting Magic

I know it’s early in the year to be talking about winter. I realize that it’s mid-November and the temperature has dropped below freezing during the day. I get that I’m cold and wearing scarves and hats far sooner than usual. But the snow…let’s talk about snow for a minute. It floats gracefully, even on the South Quad wind tunnel. It blankets campus with a pristine, fresh coat of snow that just screams bliss. It’s captivating…magical…enchanting. Read More

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