University of Notre Dame


Biology and Environmental Science PINs

April 10 12:00 - 11:59PM
EVENT TYPE: Get Oriented LOCATION: 100 Galvin Life Science Center

Faculty Host:

Prof. Paul Grimstad, Advisor
100 Galvin Life Science Center

To pick up your Registration PIN, BRING YOUR ID. Go to room 100 Galvin Life Science Center and obtain your PIN from Mrs. Kathy Troth, administrative assistant beginning April 10th. (Office is closed during the noon hour).

All students are strongly urged to meet separately with Professor Grimstad for advising and should sign up for an appointment on the “Sophomores To Be” sheet to the right of his room 100A office door. The sign-up sheet will be posted by Noon April 10: appointments are scheduled for the period from Friday, April 12 through Friday, April 19.