University of Notre Dame


PLS & Careers in Business

February 11 6:00 - 7:00PM
EVENT TYPE: Get Oriented, Have a Little Fun LOCATION: 221 O'Shaughnessy Hall

Faculty Host: Tom Stapleford

The Program of Liberal Studies (PLS) invites first-year students to join them for pizza and a panel discussion about “PLS & Careers in Business” featuring four PLS seniors. This will be a student-only event in which the panel members will talk about how they’ve prepared for their careers, what their experiences on the job market have been like, and how they think PLS has been relevant to their own intellectual and professional development. There will be ample time for questions and discussion.

The event includes free pizza and soda. If you plan to attend, please RSVP at the following link to help us ensure that we have enough food:

RSVP for the Event

If you can’t come but would nonetheless like to meet with a current senior to talk more about his or her experiences, you can use the same link to leave your name and e-mail address, and PLS will put you in touch with someone.